Approved Workman Database

A recordkeeping system for Awana* clubs

Awana records. anywhere. anytime.
Streamline recordkeeping tasks on club night. Using the AWdb Web App, club secretaries can easily spread the workload by enabling leaders/listeners to use laptops, smart phones, or tablets to record their clubbers' attendance and mark completed handbook sections. Access your club data 24/7, from any location with internet connectivity. learn more
no internet? no problem!
The Windows Desktop App allows multiple users to operate in a non-networked situation using the Club Check-out/Check-in features and one or more USB flash drives. The software is full of features to help you accomplish the many tasks that are essential to a well-run club, such as tracking attendance, handbook progress, clubber points, and inventory, along with printing reports and so much more. learn more

Why use the Approved Workman Database?

The Approved Workman Database helps you be more efficient with Awana recordkeeping, which helps your clubs run smoothly and allows you to invest more time and energy into the spiritual lives of the children you serve.

Support is First Class

  • We have NOT outsourced our customer support. The support team is very knowledgeable about the software and is also involved in the Awana program.
  • We have invested in a professional, commercial-grade support solution that enables us to provide excellent assistance and training while viewing your desktop with you. With your permission, we can also control your PC remotely.
  • We do NOT limit you to email-only support. Clubs who stay current with their annual support plan will have have access to the AWdb Forum, Freshdesk knowledge base (for the Web App), telephone, email, and Remote Support Portal.
  • If your "day job" prevents you from working with support during normal operation hours, just send an email and we'll be happy to schedule an appointment to help you in the evening or on the weekend.



M-F, 8am-5pm

Central Standard Time


After coordinating a time, visit our Remote Support Portal where you can select a support representative and initiate the remote connection.