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AWdb eliminates redundant data entry and makes it easy to work with all persons in a household. Changing contact information for one family member changes all household members simultaneously.
Keep clubbers motivated by giving them awards. As a clubber's handbook section is marked as completed, the database will determine if an award is earned. If so, it will create an award record automatically and let you know what the clubber has earned. Attendance awards can also be easily generated, depending on the criteria you set. You can easily see all awards earned by all clubbers on a given date and mark whether or not they were received.
Having team winners and individual challenges is part of the fun at Awana! As you mark attendance and handbook sections, customized point values are awarded to clubbers and totals are calculated automatically. As clubbers use their points for prizes, you just enter how many points are spent and their total is adjusted accordingly.
Keeping track of your club's financial records is a breeze with AWdb. As clubbers register and books and uniforms are assigned, fees can be automatically created according to your settings. You can generate invoices to give to parents that have outstanding balances. As payments are made, you can mark fees as paid so that balances are adjusted. If your church gives scholarships or discounts, AWdb can handle that too!
Now you can always know how much inventory you have in stock and what needs to be ordered! As books, awards and uniforms are assigned to clubbers, the inventory counts for those items are reduced. If an item is low, according to your settings, it will be added to an order form. Once an order is received, the inventory counts for those items are increased.
By using AWdb instead of paper, you will no longer have trouble answering questions like how many clubbers are there on each team, and are the grades and genders divided evenly; who has not said sections or attended in a while; who did not receive their awards yet; who has not paid; etc. Quickly and easily analyze your data by sorting, filtering, grouping, printing, and exporting it using one of the many powerful grids within AWdb.
We know there are many different ways to run an Awana club, so we give you the ability to customize the database to fit your needs and style. To name a few: selecting drop down list values, creating additional check-in categories, setting point values, determining attendance awards, saving grid layouts, editing the text for registration forms, choosing inventory and ordering options, and personalizing the interface tab positions and color.
Preview, print or export customized reports by specifying selection criteria and selecting sorting and grouping options. Besides the wide range of formatted reports such as nametags, mailing labels, birthdays, handbook status, attendance, awards, visitors, etc., you can generate ad hoc reports via grids and export data to a variety of external file formats such as Excel, RTF, HTML, XHTML, and PDF.
New Year Setup.
No more filling out new record cards each year for existing clubbers with AWdb. You can prepare for the next club year in just minutes, transferring all information to the next club year and automatically promoting clubbers to the next grade and club level. The software can also reset certain clubber data, like point values and registration status, according to your settings.
Multiple users without a network.
Since some buildings don't have adequate network connections, AWdb provides a way for multiple users to share data in a non-networked situation. The Club Check-out/Check-in functionality enables the Primary secretary to "check out" one or more clubs onto a Secondary USB flash drive and then give that Secondary database to another secretary for use on another non-networked PC at home or at church. Once the Secondary secretary is finished with their data-entry, they return the USB flash drive so their work can be synchronized back into the Primary database. (Multiple licenses are required to enable this functionality.)
Associate photos with members in order to learn names and faces with ease.
Registration forms.
Print pre-filled registration forms for returning clubbers so parents can simply verify and update information.
Handbook alerts.
Handbook completion can be predicted for clubbers, which is especially useful as the end of the club year approaches. Reports can be generated to help leaders encourage children in pacing their work and accomplishing their goals.
Data security.
Users are required to login with a name and password before accessing data.
Compact and portable.
Users can maximize portability by running AWdb DIRECTLY from a USB flash drive! This makes it easy to move data between home and church.


We accept Credit Cards online via PayPal. You can purchase the software, add user licenses, or renew your support plan using online transactions. Or, if you prefer, you can pay via a check in the mail.

30-Day Trial


  • Fully functional
  • Includes sample data
  • Allows 5 concurrent users

License with Single User


  • No loss of data from trial
  • Only one concurrent user
  • Includes first year of Maintenance & Support

Additional User License

$50 per user

  • Purchase a license for each concurrent user needed

Maintenance & Support

$120 per year

  • Awana catalog and curriculum updates
  • Software updates
  • Technical support

What People Are Saying.

  • Before using the Approved Workman database, I was spending anywhere from 4-8 hours every week on Awana recordkeeping, in addition to what recordkeeping I did on club night. Since we started using the software a couple of years ago, I now complete almost all records during club on club night. What I do outside of club night takes me less than an hour a week. Thank you so much for all the work you put into this program.

    Lisa, Saint Louis, MO
  • Your software worked fantastically for us this past year! I was the secretary, and I felt like a superstar because of all the cool things I was able to do with your database. Our club was blessed and membership exploded this year. I believe, after God, you deserve a lot of the credit because your database allowed us to project a very professional, organized image for parents. They were impressed, told their friends, and stayed to help.

    Keith, Tyndall AFB, FL
  • We looked at all of the AWANA record keeping software that was available and tried out demo versions of several different programs. The Approved Workman Database is hands down the best program out there. The software is continually updated with new features and enhancements and the support is first class. We are planning to upgrade to the multi-user version. Thanks for a superior product. God Bless.

    Kevin, Columbia, LA
  • This program is written by someone who clearly knows and understands Awana, and all the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of it, as well as the many different ways churches adapt Awana to meet their own needs. As a result, AW is highly customizable, so each individual club can make it a perfect fit. Amazing, impressive, and an absolute MUST for any club who wants to stay on the cutting edge and spend more time on what's important than on paperwork.

    Marci, Olympia, WA



The AWdb Forum is a great resource for answers to frequently asked questions and is the place to submit feature requests and bug reports. You'll be able to watch training videos, ask questions and share information with a community of other AWdb users.

User Guide

You can view the AWdb User Guide in two different ways:

  • The PDF version of the User Guide is suitable for printing, but is over 300 pages so you may want to read it on-screen and only print select pages as needed. One advantage of reading on-screen is that you can use the hyperlinks within the document. If you want to download and save a copy of the PDF version, right-click the link above and select "Save target as.." and then select the folder where you want to save the file. (We recommend you put this in your Approved Workman folder.) Once you have this AWdbUserGuide.pdf file in your local Approved Workman folder, you can open it from AWdb's Main Help menu.

  • The online/HTML version has the familiar left pane navigation tool which makes it easy to expand and collapse topics and get the big-picture view of the document. You can also use the hyperlinks to jump from one topic to another quickly.



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