Web App Subscription


  • If you do not have a Customer ID, please sign up for the Free Trial of the Web App first, then Subscribe after you have evaluated the app. (There are no refunds.)
  • The software is sold only to church entities, not individuals. Thus, even if you send a personal check or use a personal credit card, which is fine, the software will still be registered to your church and is not transferable.
  • If your church organization has multiple campuses with separate Awana clubs at each location, a separate subscription is required for each location. Please fill out this form for each location.

Please do not put N/A in either field. We need this info to attach the payment to your account!

Pay for your yearly subscription in order to access your Approved Workman Database via the Web App. Choose the number of users that need to be logged into AWdb at the same time.

If you need to allow more users to access the database at one time, you can upgrade to a higher tier. (Increase the quantity on the next page to upgrade more than one tier.)