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How to use the Backup and Restore utilities

Author Topic: How to use the Backup and Restore utilities  (Read 5322 times)

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How to use the Backup and Restore utilities
« on: August 27, 2011, 04:47:41 PM »
These videos only apply to the Legacy database as backups are handled automatically for Cloud database users.

Here are videos demonstrating how to use AWdb's built-in Backup and Restore utilities:

How to use the Backup utility

Go to Admin > Database Utilities > Backup and Restore.  On the Backup Tab, select the Backup Path. This should be a different location than your live database!!  The File Name will be created automatically.  We recommend accepting the default.  If desired, enter a description about the backup (such as 'before running the NYS'). The default Options can be used for most regular backups. Click Start.

How to use the Restore utility 

To restore the database when you can still get into the database...

Click Admin > Database Utilities > Backup and Restore.  On the Backup and Restore dialog, click the Restore tab.  In the "Backup File" field, select the Approved Workman Backup file to be restored.  This file will likely be named something like "AW Backup v5708 mm-dd-yyyy.bkp".  To select the backup file, click the  ... button at the right end of the field, then navigate to and select the target .bkp file.

In the "Restore Path" field, select the location where the data files will be written.  To restore into your same DATA folder (overwriting all of the data files), select the same path as you see in the Status bar at the bottom of the main application window. For example, "C:\Approved Workman\Data".  This DATA folder must already exist; so, in order to restore the database into a different folder, first manually make that folder. Click Start. (See scenario 1 for restoring into the current Data folder, and 3 for restoring into a new location.)

If you can NOT get into the database...

Launch the ApprovedWorkman.exe. (There should be a copy stored with your backups. It should match the version of the backup to be restored.)  At the log in screen, STOP.  Click the Utilities button and select "Open the Database Restore utility after log in".  (If there is not a log in screen, there should be a dialog box that gives an option to restore the database.) Once the Restore dialog is reached, the instructions are the same as above.  (See scenerio 2 for restoring without access to the database.)

Scenario 1:
To restore your live database to a previous point in time to undo a procedure such as the New Year Setup, or undo changes made while tinkering with the SQL workbench:

Scenario 2:
To recover from a computer crash or a lost flash drive that contained the live database:

Scenario 3:

To restore a backup without overwriting your live database to retrieve data such as a member record that was deleted accidentally:

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