Cloud Database Subscription


  • If you do not have a Customer ID, please sign up for the Free Trial. You will receive a customer id that can then be used to subscribe after you evaluate the app. (There are no refunds.)
  • The software is sold only to church entities, not individuals. Even for purchases made by personal check or credit card, the software will be registered to the church and is not transferable.
  • For churches with multiple campuses, a separate customer id (and subscription) is required for each location that runs an Awana club.
  • When renewing, you may select a different subscription level if needed. To upgrade to more users during a subscription term, please contact support.

Please do not put N/A in either field above. We need this info to attach an invoice to your account!

Select a subscription level below, based on number of users that need to be logged into the Cloud Database at the same time, using both the Web and Windows apps.

Your invoice will be sent to the billing email address on file.