App & Feature Comparison

Cloud DB
Web App Windows App
Product Comparison
Where is the data stored? In the cloud In the cloud
Is an Internet connection required? yes yes
Can I run it on a Mac? yes no
How many people can use the database? Based on Subscription level Based on Subscription level
Can multiple people use the database at the same time? yes yes
Can I access the database from home and from church? yes yes
Feature Comparison
Manage Online Registrations (including Waitlists) yes no
Track Attendance and other Check-in items yes yes
Track Handbook Progress yes yes
Automatically trigger Awards yes yes
Automatically calculate Points yes yes
Track Personal Information (address, contacts, medical) yes yes
Assign Members to Groups (team color, name, leader) yes yes
Manage Groups with filtering / sorting yes yes
Track Awards (including received status) yes yes
View Summary Information by Club Date (attendance, awards, birthdays, team points, visitors) yes yes
View Summary Information by Club Year (year to date) yes yes
Track Fees and Payments yes yes
Manage Inventory no yes
Track Leadership Training and Service no yes
Manage Handbooks yes yes
Manage Awards yes yes
Club Store Tool no yes
Attendance Award Procedure no yes
Gather Emails /Textible Phone Numbers no yes
Track Events no yes
Track Contacts no yes
View Reports limited yes
Manage Orders no yes
Customize Clubs and Settings limited yes
Manage User permissions (limit access for individual users) yes limited