Author Topic: Can I use AWdb to track VBS (or Camp) attendance?  (Read 6348 times)

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Can I use AWdb to track VBS (or Camp) attendance?
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This post is applicable in the Cloud database's Windows App as well as in the Legacy database. Some of the steps are different, but noted below.

Yes, AWdb may be used to track VBS or Camp attendance.

For 2023 VBS:

Finish the current Awana Club Year. DO NOT proceed setting up VBS until you're done with the 2022-2023 club sessions.

Legacy only:
  • Make sure you have the latest version of AWdb.
  • Go to Admin > Database Utilities and run the Backup utility.
  • Go to Admin > Generic Lookups and select Club Years. Add a new record to represent the specific VBS year. For example, type "VBS 2023" as the Club Year value and then type a Logical Order value that is one greater than what is shown for the current 2022-2023 club year. Select "1" as the meeting interval. Click the checkmark at the bottom of the grid to post the new record.
In the Legacy database, go to Database Utilities and click the New Year Setup button.
In the Windows App, go to Tools and select "New Year Setup" or go to Admin > Club Setup > Club Calendars and click the New Year Setup button on the toolbar.

Complete the steps in the New Year Setup dialog:
  • Session Dates/Club Names - select "VBS 2023" as the Club Year. Enter the VBS starting and ending dates. Review/add/edit the specific "Club Name" records for VBS. Note: All records should have a Base Club value of "VBS". Like Awana, a specific Grade and Gender may only be assigned to a single Club Name.
  • (Legacy only) - Promotions - be careful about whether or not to Promote each clubber's School Grade to the next level. It's ok to do it for VBS, but if you do, then DO NOT PROMOTE AGAIN when you run the New Year Setup for the next Awana club year. [In the Windows App, clubbers will not be promoted during VBS setup, but will be promoted for the new Awana club year.]
  • Club Assignments - set a Club Name value for each Grade and Gender record.
  • Resets & Defaults - review each field to decide how to handle resets. [In the Windows App, this tab is called "Options" but most selections are disabled for a VBS setup.]
  • Run the Procedure - click the Begin Processing button to generate the VBS attendance records.
After running the New Year Setup procedure, VBS participants' attendance may be tracked under the Check-in module. The "Registration Form" report may be customized by changing the Report Heading in the "Options" section. Other reports may also be helpful, like the Clubber List, Mailing labels, Name Tags, etc.

Note: To track Camp attendance, follow the same instructions but substitute "Camp" for "VBS".
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