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The Misc tab of the Member Window tracks other useful information about the member, such as Permissions, Medical and Visitor information, Notes, and Other miscellaneous items.



Indicate consent has been given to:

participate in Activities (such as Game Time)
use a Photo
Release Medical information
Other - tracks a custom permission related item. When checked, a description can be entered.

Medical Information

Special Needs - enter additional details in the memo field under the medical information section.
Last Tetanus Shot - tracks the date.
Include on Medical List report - will list medical information and contact information for the member when generating the formal report.
Allergic To - text field. Enter additional information related to allergies or other medical conditions in the memo field directly below the listed allergy.
Doctor, Dentist and Insurance - text fields for doctor and dentist contact information as well as insurance company and policy number.


Combo boxes are populated with known data to make it easy to select existing values when adding additional members to a household.


If the doctor, dentist or insurance info is updated for a member of the household, there will be an option to update the same information for all members of the household.


School Name - selection options are determined by Admin > System Settings > Generic Lookups > School Names. Select <new> to add a new value without switching to the Admin Module.
1st Language, 2nd Language - selection options are determined by Admin > System Settings > Generic Lookups > Languages.
Date Joined - tracks when a clubber first joined. A member's Status can change over time, and the Registration Date changes for each club year; but this field doesn't change, so it allows tracking how long a member has been involved in the club.
Preferred Bible Translation - ESV, KJV, NIV, NKJV, Spanish; used to filter the selection list when assigning a handbook to the member.
Christian - when checked, the Re-Birth Date and Baptism Date fields are enabled.

Visitor Information

This section includes a grid for when this member visited and one for when this member brought visitors. To record data, right click in a grid and select from the pop-up menu.




These grids are intended for viewing visitor/visiting history or editing existing data.  To create a visitor record, click the Add Visitor button in the Check-in Module.

Household Misc

Family Church - selection options are determined by records for "Church Names" under Admin > System Settings > Generic Lookups.  It defaults to your church. Selecting <new> invokes a dialog to add a new value.


Select to not "Use our Church Name as the default Church Name value when creating new members" under Admin > System Settings > Options > Members.

Persons authorized to pick up the children - name(s) of person(s) authorized to pick up the clubber(s) from Awana. This field is only visible if the Role Type is Clubber.


This section provides a memo field to track any additional information for the member.