Approved Workman Database

A recordkeeping system for Awana* clubs

Awana records. anywhere. anytime.

The Cloud Database stores your data on a server ‘in the cloud’ providing access to your data 24/7, from any location with internet connectivity.

Spread the workload on club night. Leaders/listeners can use the Web App on their smartphones, tablets, Mac or Windows PCs to record clubber attendance and mark completed handbook sections.

Streamline administrative tasks. In addition to the basic recordkeeping tasks, the Windows App enables secretaries to efficiently handle fees and payments, track inventory and orders, analyze data using the powerful grids, and run formal reports.
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Cloud Database App Comparison

The Cloud Database subscription includes the use of two apps: The Web App and the Windows App. What are the primary differences between the two apps? Which app should you use for certain features? The app and feature comparisons provide information to help you answer these questions.


Why use the Approved Workman Database?

The Approved Workman Database helps you be more efficient with Awana recordkeeping, which helps your clubs run smoothly and allows you to invest more time and energy into the spiritual lives of the children you serve.

Support is First Class

  • We have NOT outsourced our customer support.
  • We do NOT limit you to email-only support. Clubs who stay current will have access to both telephone and email assistance.
  • Additional help is available through the AWdb Forum and the Freshdesk knowledge base (for the Web App).
  • If your "day job" prevents you from contacting us during our scheduled hours, send us an email and we'll be happy to schedule an evening or weekend appointment.