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AWdb Terminology

AWdb Terminology

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AWdb Terminology

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Awana In the context of entering records in the database and assigning Club Names, there is a generic "Awana" club name in addition to the other club names like "Cubbies", "Sparks", "T&T", etc. This generic "Awana" club name is intended to be used for leaders who do not serve exclusively in a specific club; for instance, a Commander, Pastor, Games Director, Song Leader, Secretary etc.  If a leader is serving in a specific club (i.e., a Sparks Director) it is appropriate to use a specific Club assignment.

Awana® Clubs International The central organization responsible for creating, organizing and running the Awana program.  If you have an Awana program at your church, you must be chartered with Awana Clubs International.

Awana Program The running of a chartered club from Awana® Clubs International by a local church. (Not the AWdb software program.)

AWdb An abbreviation for the Approved Workman Database software application.

Club Individual clubs separated by age/grades and distinguished by uniform and curriculum levels/design.  There are currently six clubs in Awana: Puggles, Cubbies, Sparks, Truth and Training (T&T for short), Trek, and Journey.

Club DatesThe dates on which an Awana program is scheduled to meet.  For instance, if your Awana program meets on Wednesdays, the Club Dates should be mainly Wednesdays (with the exception of such Club Dates as Bible Quizzing, Awana Games, etc. which probably meet on weekends).

MemberA person involved in Awana, either as a clubber or as a leader.

ClubberA child who regularly attends and participates in Awana.

LeaderAn adult who helps in Awana after having gone through at least a preliminary training program and a certification test.

Leader in Training (LIT)An adult or teen who has not gone through a training program.  Usually teens must go through two years of training before taking a certification test.  If Trek and Journey meet on a separate night from the rest of Awana, it is not unusual for those clubbers to volunteer in younger clubs such as Cubbies or Sparks. [Also referred to as Student Leaders.]

Section In most Awana curricula, the books are separated into “sections.”  A section is distinguished as what a clubber must complete all at once (for instance, a clubber must recite all verses within a section to the leader in one sitting, with a maximum of two prompts or helps), and usually is comprised of one to three verses, or a Bible Study or activity.  Sections are known by specific names according to club: Cubbies have “Bear Hugs,” Sparks “Jewels”, and T&T “Discoveries.”