Approved Workman Database 5.9 - User Guide

The Toolbar

The Toolbar

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The Toolbar

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Search Members

072-search Use this tool to quickly locate and open a member from anywhere in AWdb. It is located on the left side of the Main Window's toolbar and is available from any module. To use the Search Members tool:

1.Type a few characters of the first or last name of any member in the Search Members text box.
2.Press Enter or click the Perform Search button. If a single member matches the criteria, that member's record is opened in the Member window. If there are multiple matches, the Select A Member dialog opens showing all members whose first or last names contain the entered text.


3.If the desired member is listed, open the member record by double clicking or selecting the name and clicking OK.  If there are still many names displayed, narrow the list by continuing to type in the Search for Filing Names that contain: field. The list will update as characters are typed.
4.Click Cancel to discontinue the search without selecting a member.

Window Manager

054-windowSwitch The following records open in separate windows and can remain open while using AWdb: Members, Household Ledgers, Items and Orders. These windows are sometimes hidden by other windows on the screen. The Window Manager drop-down menu helps navigate them easily. It shows No files are open or [#] windows are open and lists each one in the drop-down menu. Select a window from the list to bring it to the front of the screen.


The Main Menu bar's Window menu also lists the opened windows along with options for organizing the windows, such as: Cascade All, Minimize All, Restore All.

Current Club Year

The Current Club Year should be set to the desired year for viewing or creating data.  Only the data pertaining to that year is displayed throughout the database. This is normally the current calendar club year, but to view or modify historical data, switch to a prior club year.

Club Date

The Club Date should be set to the current date to enter data during club time. For a club date in the past, change to the applicable date. This date is used as the default value in many modules where a date is a required field. For example, in the Check-in Module when a handbook section is completed.