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The Award Dialog

The Award Dialog

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The Award Dialog

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awardOpening or creating an award opens the Award dialog to view, modify, or enter details of an award.

Most awards are created automatically so do not need to be manually entered. However, other awards can be added using the Award dialog.


Member Name - person who earned the award
Award Name -selection includes items marked to be used in Award lists in the Inventory record. If an image exists, it is shown in the area below. The Item Number is displayed to the right of the image.


If the correct award is not available in the drop-down list, open the award item from the Inventory Module and click on the Club Usage tab. Select Use this item as a choice in any AWARD related drop-down list.

Award Source - what caused the award to be earned: Achievement, Book, Church Attendance, Club Attendance, Donation, Event, Other, Section, Section Group, Service, Training.
Book Name - enabled when the Award Source is set to Book, to indicate the relevant book for the award
Date Earned - defaults to the current club date but can be changed
Club Year - filled in automatically. Verify that it is correct or make changes if needed
Received - if Yes is selected, the Date Received field is enabled
Note - any additional information related to the award

Action Buttons

Save and Close - saves the record and closes the dialog.
Cancel and Close - exits without creating a new record or saving changes to an existing one.
New Award Same Member - saves the award then selects the same Member Name and resets the other fields to blank to begin entering another award.


This is especially useful when entering historical records when getting started.

Same Award New Member - saves the award and leaves all of the award information the same except for the Member Name which is left blank. Select the Member Name and edit any of the other fields as needed.