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The Awards Module

The Awards Module

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The Awards Module

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award The Awards Module displays awards earned by all members. It defaults to awards earned on the Current Club Date. Choose to show a different date or "All Dates". New award records can be created, but that is not generally necessary since awards are generated during recordkeeping.


If the default received status for awards is set to 'not received', after handing out the awards, multi-select records in this grid and click the Rcvd button.

The Awards report provides a formal report for a Director or Commander to use when presenting awards.






Open Award

Opens the selected award in the Award dialog. (Pressing the Enter key with a row selected or double clicking the row also opens the award.)


New Award (Ctrl-N)

Opens the Award dialog with blank/default values to create a new award.


Delete Award(s) (Ctrl-D)

Removes the selected award(s).


Open Member

Opens the member record for the person who earned the selected award.



Filters the data in the grid. Choose to show All Awards, Not Received or Received awards. Earned in Year limits records to awards earned in the selected club year.



Marks the selected award(s) as having been received by the member.

When marking awards Received, set Date Rcvd to: defaults to the current club date. When working with awards received on a different date, change the date before clicking the Rcvd button.


Not Rcvd

Marks the selected award(s) as not being received by the member yet.


Grid Tools

Lists actions related to the grid such as: saving or resetting a grid layout, or exporting data.