AW Cloud Database - Windows App version 5.5

The Grid Menu

The Grid Menu

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The Grid Menu

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031-gridOptions This menu provides additional items related to the grid.


Working with Grid Layouts

Once a preferred grid setup is created, save the layout so those customizations do not have to be repeated each time that grid is used.


Grid layouts are saved per user. Each person should have a unique user account.

From the Grid menu, use the following options to maintain the grid layouts:

Save Current Grid Layout - for the grid layout view that is typically used. When the Windows App starts, the grid defaults to this layout.
Reset Grid Layout - return to the normal/saved layout after the grid is temporarily adjusted for a specific task.
Restore Default Grid Layout - return to the original layout set for the grid by the Windows App.

Other Menu Items

Custom Filter Dialog... opens the Filter Builder dialog to create, modify, or open customized filters.
Export... starts the process of exporting a grid's data to an external file.

Grid Display

These options affect how the grid is displayed:

Show Group By Box - show/hide the grouping area displayed above the grid.
Use Alternate Grouping Style - alternate between two styles available for displaying grids with groupings.
Use Alternate Color Scheme for Rows - use a different color for alternating rows in the grid


Use Alternate Grouping Style and Alternate Color Scheme options are only available for the "Native" Style.