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168-dbSetupHandbooks The Curriculum tab displays the handbooks and other forms of curricula used in Awana.  Besides the normal grid manipulations, there are two buttons available on the toolbar:


Open Handbook

Opens the Generic Handbook Window to view or modify information about the selected generic handbook.


Set Point Values

Opens the Section Point Values Dialog to set the default point values for sections within selected handbooks.


While the Section Point Values dialog allows modifying all of the point values for an entire book's required and/or extra credit sections, to modify individual section point values in a handbook, use the Handbook window.


This tab displays the various handbooks used by each base club. To view a Base Club’s handbooks, click the '+'(plus) toggle at the left of its row to expand the group. To view or modify a handbook's details, either double click a handbook or select the row then click Open Handbook to open the generic handbook window.