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Section Point Values Dialog

Section Point Values Dialog

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Section Point Values Dialog

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To set the default point values for sections within selected handbooks, click the Set Point Values button on the Admin > Curriculum toolbar to open the Section Point Values dialog.  It is best to set the handbook section point values before the start of a new club year, but this utility can be run mid-year and assigned handbooks will be updated. This will affect the total points already earned by all clubbers who have completed sections, so there might be some explaining to do when the point values change!


Step 1 – Select the generic handbooks to update

This grid displays all the Awana curricula. Click the '+' (plus) button to expand a base club and view its handbooks. Check the box next to all handbooks to include in updating the section point values.

Step 2 – Set the point values

Use the check boxes to indicate which group of sections (Required and/or Review/Extra Credit Sections) to modify.  Adjust the Point Values as desired for each.  The maximum point value for any one handbook section is 100.


All Required Sections will have the same point values within a handbook, just as all Extra Credit Sections will have the same point values.  To set the point value for a particular section of a generic handbook, use the Open Handbook button on the Admin > Curriculum toolbar.  Then, under the Units and Sections tab, edit the individual section point values.  Keep in mind though, that running the Set Point Values utility shown above will overwrite any individually customized section point values.

Step 3 – Select a synchronization option

Besides updating the point values in the Generic Handbook Sections (the records used as a template when assigning a book), this utility will update the sections for the handbooks already assigned depending on the selected options:

All Sections - All section records, whether completed or not, will be updated, including those from prior club years.
Some Sections - All incomplete sections, as well as those completed within the date range you provide, will be updated.

Click Run.  The point values will be updated in the generic handbook records, and in all existing assigned handbooks as selected in Step 3.


Since the section points have been modified, the Total Points earned by each clubber needs to be recalculated.  After running this utility, a prompt will be given to run the Point Recalculation utility in order to recalculate all points for all members.  Be sure to run it!