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Possible configurations

Possible configurations

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Possible configurations

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Depending on club size and organization, there are a variety of ways to configure a system to run AWdb. Below are some suggestions; however, adjustments can be made as needed.


In addition to the options listed below, there is also a Web version of AWdb available which allows access for multiple users.  See our website ( for additional information.

Single License

This simple setup works for small clubs where a single Awana secretary handles all of the recordkeeping. With the purchase of a single license, AWdb can be installed on a PC or laptop computer for one user at a time to enter records and generate reports. (The Database Check-out / Check-in feature is not available for this type of configuration. See below.)

In cases where the single user needs to work on the database from more than one computer (for example, a home PC and one at church), AWdb can be run directly from a USB flash drive for portability. Simply eject the flash drive with AWdb and take it to another computer.


When using a USB flash drive, it is critical to exit the database and then use the proper technique to shut down the USB storage device before removing it from the computer.  Removing the flash drive without waiting for the message from Windows indicating that it is safe might cause file corruption.  Also, since all of the data will be stored on the flash drive, be sure to make backups!

If one person does the data entry and is essentially in charge of the database, then a single user license is all that is needed.  However, if another person, such as the Commander or Pastor, also wants a copy of the database, then it is appropriate to have an additional license. (See for pricing of additional licenses).

Multiple Licenses, using Database Check-out / Check-in

Larger clubs that have a secretary for each club might want multiple licenses.  One solution for using multiple licenses is the Database Check-out / Check-in feature.  This provides non-networked, multi-user functionality through the use of USB flash drives. Here's how it works:

1.In the Primary database, under Admin > Database Utilities > Check-out/Check-in, Check OUT one or more clubs onto a USB flash drive. During this process the Primary database creates a special copy of itself, called a Secondary database, on the USB flash drive. The checked out records will only be editable from the Secondary database. They will be locked in the Primary database until they are checked back in.
2.Eject and safely remove the USB flash drive with the Secondary database.  It can then be given to another person to use on a different computer. The Secondary database is launched and run directly from the flash drive. The records for the checked out club(s) can be updated. Meanwhile, the records that were not checked out can be updated in the Primary database.
3.At some point in time, such as the end of club night or the following week, when the USB flash drive with the Secondary database is returned, plug it into the computer with the Primary database and perform the database Check-IN.  During this process the Primary database imports all of the new and modified records from the Secondary database and merges them back into the Primary database.

Multiple Licenses, using a Server

Another solution for multiple users is to install AWdb on a server.  Each user then logs in to the single instance of AWdb located on the server. (No AWdb software is installed on the workstation.) The number of users that can be logged in simultaneously is determined by the number of licenses. Running AWdb over a local area network is slower than running it on a local hard drive or from a USB flash drive, but it eliminates the Check-out / Check-in steps.  A reliable network connection is a must, and a wired connection is faster than a wireless connection.

Record entry, regardless of configuration

With any of these configurations, there are various approaches to entering the attendance and handbook data, such as:

1.Print worksheets from the Reports tab for leaders to use and return to the secretary to be entered into AWdb after club time.
2.Enter data directly into the computer as clubbers arrive and complete handbook sections.
3.Use a combination of worksheets and live data entry.

Discussions on the AWdb Forum offer additional ideas on ways to use the database. The forum is a great place to ask questions and get feedback. A member of the support team can also answer questions.