043-toolGatherEmail  Use this tool to gather e-mail addresses or textible phone numbers (that are converted to e-mail addresses). The carrier domain name is appended to each textible phone number. The results can be copied to clipboard memory, then pasted into the BCC field of an e-mail client. To use the Gather E-mail Addresses and Textible Phone Numbers tool:

1.Select Tools > Gather E-Mail Addresses...... from the Main Window's Menu bar.


2.Set the Selection Criteria:
E-mail Addresses or Textible Phone Numbers


If selecting from Textible Phone Numbers, the Carrier name must be known and only numbers marked as "Ok to Text" are considered.  See the E-Contacts dialog for more details.

Household Status or Club Name, Member Type, Member Status, and/or Member Code


For selection based on Club Name, etc, a Member Link must exist on the Phone/E-mail dialog.

Choose to Insert a blank line and set the number to include in each group.
3.Click Run. The results are displayed in the E-mail Addresses/Textible Phone Numbers area.
4.Choose Copy All to Clipboard or select a group and choose Cut Selection to Clipboard or Copy Selection to Clipboard. Switch to an e-mail client and Paste.


Do NOT paste all the addresses into the To: field; instead, paste them into the BCC: field.


The preferred type of e-mail separator can be set for each user under Admin > Users.

5.Click Close when finished.


E-mail addresses or textible phone numbers can also be collected from the Clubbers or Leaders grids. Turn on Calculations to populate the Primary E-mail column and filter as desired. Multi-select rows and use Action > Copy E-mail Addresses or Copy Textible Phone Numbers.