AW Cloud Database - Windows App version 5.5

The Households Module

The Households Module

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The Households Module

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householdThe Households Module provides a main grid with a view of all households and a smaller grid on the right with details for the individuals in each household.







Filters the data in the grid based on Status. Select the boxes in the drop-down list to indicate the status(es) of households to display.


Search HH Filing Name

Filters the grid to show only households whose names match the criteria entered in the text field. (Pressing the Enter key also performs the search.)


Open Member

When a member is selected in the individual section, opens the member in the Member Window.


Open Household Ledger

Opens the Household Ledger for the selected family to manage fees and payments.


Open Registration Window

Opens the Registration Window Dialog for the selected family to manage registration related events.


Print Registration Form

Opens the Registration Form report dialog to print a registration form for the selected clubber's family.


Grid Tools

Lists actions related to the grid such as: saving or resetting a grid layout, or exporting data.


Many of the actions are also available through the right click pop-up menu.


The right click pop-up menu provides an option to "Rederive the Household Filing Name". It is derived from the Last Name followed by a dash and a list of all Preferred Names in the household. Example: "Green - Sandy, Michael, Tina". In households that have persons with different last names, the last names are listed in alphabetical order, separated by "/".  For example, for Rebecca Brown, Chad Smith and David Smith: "Brown/Smith - Rebecca, Chad, David".